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Creditors Adjustment Bureau

CAB’s distinct advantage is our unique approach in the handling of delinquent accounts, consistently delivering high recovery rates and superior results when compared to traditional collection agencies. What distinguishes CAB from other debt recovery agencies is our philosophy of professionalism in the collection process. Our fundamental approach maximizes cash recovery, doing so in a way that preserves goodwill, and educates customers on the importance of prompt payment in the future. We believe that anything less is not a total solution to the issue of credit management.
Our collections team is trained in both arbitration and negotiation and will communicate to the debtor exactly what their options are regarding payment. Your accounts will be meticulously handled, with a focus on collecting the most available money possible in the fastest time frame. At CAB, we know firsthand the importance of being actively involved in the credit community. CAB has a reputation of not only delivering outstanding collection results, but also as a provider of educational programs tailored specifically to the credit professional and the organizations they represent.


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