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Collection Rates

  • Rates are contingent upon collection and are on a per claim basis.
  • 50% on the first $500.00 collected
  • 20% on the balance
  • 35% on International claims
  • 50% on claims over 1 year old (from date of last invoice); secondary placements; bankrupt claims; claims out of business; insolvent when placed; assigned judgments and/or consumer/retail claims.

Special fee arrangements may be negotiated for large dollar claims or volume placements.

Merchandise Returns

If a client elects to accept a return of merchandise, one-half of the applicable rates will be charged on the value of the returned product.

Legal Rates

  • 35% on domestic legal accounts, less than 1 year old at time of assignment plus court costs and/or nominal suit fee.
  • International accounts are subject to the attorney charges and costs that prevail in the country where the suit is being filed.
  • 50% on claims over 1 year old (from date of last invoice); secondary placements; bankrupt claims; claims out of business; insolvent when placed; assigned judgments and/or consumer/retail claims.
  • The contingency fee is increased to 50% if the matter goes to trial.

No lawsuit will be filed nor settlement of principal made without the client’s approval.


Discovery Charge

When it has been discovered that the account was resolved prior to placement with Creditors Adjustment Bureau, one-half of the applicable rates will be charged.

Accounts placed for immediate debtor contact will be handled at once by our adjusters. If free demand service is selected and reported paid in full before the final due date, there will be no charge. On any unpaid balance, Creditors Adjustment Bureau is authorized to proceed with immediate debtor contact.

NO ACCOUNT CAN BE ACCEPTED FOR FREE DEMAND SERVICE ONLY. All payments, settlements, return of merchandise or accounts withdrawn after demand for payment has been made are subject to the above referenced fees. Should it become necessary to forward this claim to an attorney and if counsel has not been designated by the creditor, Creditors Adjustment Bureau is authorized as the Collection Agent to select and tender the account to an attorney who will at all times be an agent of and subject to creditor’s direction and control. On all accounts forwarded to attorneys, additional fees will be due on all funds collected. Creditors Adjustment Bureau shall not be responsible for acts or omissions by such attorneys. If the creditor authorizes suit and legal action is filed, additional charges for legal service and advance costs in addition to Creditors Adjustment Bureau regular collection fees will be required. As Collection Agent for the creditor, Creditors Adjustment Bureau is authorized to endorse and negotiate or deposit in any Creditors Adjustment Bureau bank account any and all checks, drafts, notes or other forms of currency and deduct authorized charges from these payments. Creditors Adjustment Bureau will be entitled to a commission on all funds collected including pay directs, merchandise returns, accounts withdrawn from collection, as well as when it is discovered that an account was resolved prior to placement with Creditors Adjustment BureauCreditors Adjustment Bureau may also retain all lawful sums collected in excess of the principal amount assigned. A fee of fifty percent will apply on International Accounts (outside the 50 United States). Creditor shall defend, indemnify and hold harmless Creditors Adjustment Bureau, its employees and agents from and against all liability, suits, claims, demands, loss, actions, expense or damages resulting from the following: any acts, claims or omissions of any attorney relating to any account forwarded on behalf of the Creditor for collection by Creditors Adjustment Bureau; the validity and accuracy of information provided by the Creditor to Creditors Adjustment Bureau; the creditor’s claim arising out of a non-commercial account; any amendment to the scheduled rates being provided to Creditor by Creditors Adjustment Bureau.

Costs paid in connection with Client’s claim shall be reimbursed before the contingency fee is computed. Client’s share of the recovery shall be the balance of the principal remaining after reimbursement of such costs and payment of the contingency fee.

Any action, suit or proceeding relating to, arising out of or in connection with the terms, conditions and covenants of this Agreement shall be brought in the Van Nuys Courthouse in the County of Los Angeles, Superior Court of California, or other courthouse in the County of Los Angeles pursuant to the provisions of LASC Local Rule 2.3(a)(2) and C.R.C. 3.740.

All billings due pursuant to this Agreement shall be payable to Creditors Adjustment Bureau within 10 days of such billing. Should client fail to pay any billings when due, then interest shall accrue from and after the due date at the rate of eighteen percent (18%) per annum.

In the event court action relating to this Agreement is brought by either party against the other, the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover from the non-prevailing party reasonable attorney’s fees and costs incurred in such action.

Sanctions awards are not part of recovery: Monetary sanctions awarded to CAB or The Law Office of Kenneth J Freed during the course of this litigation shall not be considered part of Client’s recovery in this action. Such sanctions shall be deemed compensation to counsel for extraordinary time and effort expended as a result of an opposing party’s bad faith conduct or failure to comply with discovery demands, court orders or similar obligations.

Client further agrees that it will cooperate with CAB and CAB’s attorneys by providing any and all information and documentation requested by CAB and/or its attorneys for the purpose of collecting the assigned debt as well as assisting CAB’s attorneys in the process of effectively litigating this matter. Client’s cooperation includes, but is not limited to, the prompt response to all communications from CAB and/or its attorneys as well as providing written witness testimony under oath and/or live witness testimony when required by CAB’s attorneys. If client fails to cooperate with CAB and/or its attorneys, CAB has the right to reassign the debt back to the assignor and seek all damages resulting from the failure to cooperate.