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The CAB Edge

CAB disrupted the industry more than 65 years ago with the idea of seamlessly merging a collection agency and a law firm. As a result, we have the distinction of being one of the premier collection agencies and law firms in the industry,  successfully representing thousands of companies.

Specializing in commercial collections, our unique combination enables us to maximize recovery, while providing exceptional customer service. From amicable resolution to legal action, the team at CAB has developed the most comprehensive recovery services available.

Our account managers, collectors, paralegals and client service managers bring exceptional experience and knowledge to the recovery process. And our in-house attorneys deal exclusively with the commercial collection litigation. This unique combination means we offer our clients unmatched expertise in to ensure maximum debt recovery.

Why CAB?

At CAB, we are staunch advocates of creditors’ rights. We’re committed to being fair yet effective in recovering all that you are owed. We will always remain personable and professional when dealing with your debtors.

At the same time, we won’t back down from a challenge. The legal professionals at CAB are not afraid to stand up for your rights. It’s what they do all day long.

At CAB, we’re single-minded in our dedication to maximum debt recovery for our clients.


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